We are two typical 24 year old males. Just like you, we want to build our career, be physically fit and have a beer with our mates.

“One day Andrew and I sat down for one of our regular catch ups and we were discussing all of the food and drinks we had been enjoying over the Christmas holiday period. As a couple of fitness loving blokes in our mid 20’s, we had been finding it hard to really enjoy a night out on the town without thinking about how this might affect our results in the gym. Everything we had ever read suggests that “cheating” your diet, drinking alcohol and getting less sleep on the weekends is going to turn your body into a chaotic mess. The funny thing was, that after 4-5 weeks of “silly season” we were both in nearly the best condition of our lives. Which got us thinking, maybe enjoying the weekend isn’t going to kill our goals after all?

We didn’t need to stress

Maybe we don’t need to be constantly stressing over the 6 ales we consumed at the footy on Saturday night. Maybe, just maybe, all of the hard work we do week after week is enough to balance out our weekend fun? So we decided to put it to the test with the help of some volunteers.

We created a modern lifestyle

What we created was a lifestyle that commands hard work Monday to Friday, whilst allowing people to enjoy their lives on the weekend. Most of our volunteers actually found the lifestyle easier! They had their weekly shopping sorted, their meals were all laid out for the week and they didn’t have to stress about their weekend lifestyle. All of them enjoyed the training and it is actually quite rewarding when you get to Friday and look back on all of your hard work during the week.

Life didn’t have to be un-enjoyable

This is how life is meant to be lived. Working towards our goals Monday to Friday with hard work, energy and focus, then letting our hair down and rewarding ourselves with enjoyment on the weekends.

There is no crazy formula here, we have just taken a few basic principles and wound them up into a package that has proven results. None of us are here to beat Usain Bolt on the track or Michael Phelps in the pool, we are here to look good, perform well and enjoy ourselves along the way. If you want to be the elite of the elite, then this plan probably isn’t for you, but if you want to have a 6 pack under your shirt and a 6 pack on a Saturday arvo, then you’re in the right place”

Why we created The Clean 5

We need to be in good shape yet also be efficient with our time, we don’t have time for bullshit.

Unfortunately, in the age of internet celebrities, it’s pretty hard to find any sort of decent information related to training and nutrition, this is what led us to create The Clean 5.

There are 1000’s of different celebs and Instagram personalities telling you what to eat and how to train, without actually having any sort of an idea. Seeing ‘secret celebrity workout secrets’ and other stupid shit in our social media feeds has pretty much driven us to create this site.

People are paying 100’s of dollars to cop advice from online providers who have no idea about general health science, they just have a solid marketing budget and a couple of good looking models.

We’re not Insta celebrities

Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with 10/10 looks so we have no choice but to provide an awesome service. Instead of giving you the golden secret of gains, we are going to give you the boring old basics of body composition. We are going to give you a tasty, portion controlled meal plan and a training plan that targets the major fitness components. You aren’t going to count calories or volume load, you’re just going to listen to your body.

We are preaching simplicity. You’re hungry? Cool, pick a snack. Tired? Take a rest. Your body knows your metabolism better than any calorie calculator ever will.

We aren’t preaching half-assed training or nutrition, we are preaching the simplicity that creates results. We want you to up your training and sort out your caloric intake through better food choices. It isn’t rocket science but its pretty close.

This isn’t a 12-week training program or a get-abs-quick website, this is a genuine, do-it-for-life educational experience that will keep you fit, lean and healthy for the rest of your time.

The Clean 5 is legitimately this easy.