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Geneticists Consultations

Arcana's geneticists have a very special and close relationship with our genetic library. They provide clients with all the knowledge required to get the best results out of our genetics.

Organic Farming

We pride ourselves in our various organic practices when it comes to cultivating cannabis. Our growers use an organic cannabis soil mix, organic pest management and Lesotho has clean water in abundance.

Full License

Arcana Genetics & Seeds is fully licensed to cultivate, sell and export medical cannabis seeds from The Kingdom of Lesotho.

Long-term Lease

Arcana Seeds has a lease to operate for 10 years on 4 hectares of land at Kolonyama, Leribe District, Lesotho.

Genetic Library

The company has an extensive library skillfully adapted for both outdoor and indoor crops. The library contains knowledge accumulated over 20 years by a highly qualified team of growers and breeders.

Experienced Growers

The company is equipped with a professional team of growers and breeders with over 20 years of experience in cultivating the plant.

Our Founders
Our Feed

11 September 2021 Jaques Van Zijl

Passion Fruit

Day 60 Another 2019 keeper. Our Passion Fruit pheno. The smell of this plant is incredible! The last picture is of the ice lollies that have almost the exact same artificial granadilla fragrance and flavour. Absolutely amazing to have a plant that brings back such strong childhood memories of scoffing Granadilla Ice lollies in the hot South African summers. \nI think you'll walk a country mile to find another quite like this one. We've grown this lady out 4 or 5 times already and only once got it properly right. I think this time around we've done a pretty good job. She's looking top notch!

11 September 2021 Jaques Van Zijl

Strawberrygoo x Sherbetstrain

Day 60. We'll push them another week to 10 days. This one of our keepers and breeder females from our very first run down in the Cape from early 2019.. We have a bunch of F2s, which we might explore sometime,but for now, this baby keeps reminding me why she's still in the stable!. She's a dirty, earthy, zesty lemon /lime sherb. She has thrown out some nice uniform F1 hybrids, but she's fairly dominant in the outcrosses we've made. These ladies did five weeks indoors and the other 3 in the outdoor box.

07 September 2021 Jaques Van Zijl

Magic Magenta

Just when I thought purple weed was bland! The plant is super terpy. Pungent stink bug, rotten citrus and peach. We've been smoking some of the shaded lowers that pushed a few nanas. Delicious!!! So unfortunate for something that tastes so damn good. We have a purple flowered male that we'll hit our two purple plants up with to see if we can find a few well behaved offspring. . I have have a feeling we might have to shelf these if the F2s get wierd but it's worth a shot,even if it's only for the learning curve!

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